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Richard Hardaker, born circa 1740 at Rawden, Yorkshire

We have traced our direct Hardaker ancestry with reasonable confidence to this person who married Betty Overend at Calverley Yorkshire in 1770. We have so far been unable to find any genuine candidates for his parents, and other than his marriage and birth of four sons (including John, our ancestor) we know nothing about him. It seems likely that he is related in some way to the line of Roger Hardaker, but we have no evidence to support this. A summary of our research into Richard can be found here.

Any theories about this person most welcome!

SOLVED (maybe): After 30+ years of effort we now think that this Richard may have been the son of Richard #61 and Alice Holdsworth. We still do not have a birth/baptism for him, however we are confident that Richard #61 and Alice were members of the Rawdon Baptist community and that they were early members of the Buckstone Baptist Chapel. The early records (up to the mid 1700s) for this chapel are missing, which we think explains the absence of any record of Richard #270's birth.

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