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1 Anthony was born at Dunkeswick but, after his marriage, lived first at Horsehouse Woods. I have not been able to locate this place and a local old timer whom I asked also had never heard of it. Later Anthony gave his place of residence as Addelthorp. In modern times there is a farm called Addlethorp Grange about 1 km east of the village of Sicklinghall. There is a wood there called Addlethorp Wood which might have been called Horsehouse Wood previously.
Anthony baptised his children at Spofforth Church since, in those days, there was no church in Sicklinghall. It is not clear why he chose Spofforth since Kirby Overblow is nearer. Perhaps he lived in the parish if Spofforth, which in any case was probably a more substantial settlement than Kirby Overblow.
Spofforth is an ancient village, mentioned in the Doomsday Book as Spawford or village by the ford. After the Norman Conquest in 1066 the Percy family lived at Spofforth when they were rewarded with the gift of the manor. In fact, they were such favourites with William the Conqueror that he gave them 86 lordships in Yorkshire.
In those days where the ruined castle stands today there stood a fortified manor house. The castle itself dates from the 13th century, with many additions in the 14th and 15th centuries. In 1309 Henry de Percy bought the manor of Alnwick in Northumberland and the family moved there, taking the title of Earls and later Dukes of Northumberland. The castle was last lived in 1604.
During the Civil War in the 1640s, many of the castles of the aristocracy were destroyed by Oliver Cromwell and his supporters. Spofforth Castle was among them, and rather little now remains, in part because much of the castle stone was used to build surrounding houses. There would be even less left but for the fact that part of the main hall and undercroft were carved from the native sandstone rather than being built of quarried and dressed stones.
Spofforth church, where Anthony baptised his children, is not the one to be seen today. This was rebuilt in the late 19th century in Norman style to look old and to match the 15th century tower.
A quick search of the churchyard failed to locate any Pullan graves, but we did find the grave of Blind Jack of Knaresborough - John Metcalf, who became famous in the 18th century as a road builder, despite the fact that he lost his sight as a child. He died at Spofforth in 1810 at the grand old age of 92. His epitaph, which can still be read with some difficulty, reads as follows:
Here lies John Metcalf, one whose infant sight
Felt the dark pressure of an endless night;
Yet such the fervour of his dauntless mind,
His limbs full strength, his spirit unfonfin'd,
That long ere yet life's bolder years began,
His sightless efforts mark'd th' aspiring man,
Nor mark'd in vain - high deeds his manhood dar'd,
And commerce, travel, both his ardour shar'd,
'Twas his, a guide's unerring aid to lend;
O'er trackless wastes to bid new roads extend;
And when Rebellion rear'd her giant size,
'Twas his to burn with patriot enterprise -
For parting wife and babes one pang to feel,
The welcome danger for his country's weal.

Reader! like him, exert thy utmost talent given;
Reader! like him, adore the bounteous Hand of Heaven!

He died on the 26th day of April 1840 (or 1810?) in the 93rd year of his age

Sicklinghall goes back to before Doomsday when it was know as Sidingal. In a chronicle written in 1284 it was called Siclinghalle. In 1284 the manor was in the hands of William the Conqueror, who gave it to his friend Robert de Romille, a mighty baron who also was given Harewood and Skipton. It is thought that Rombolds Moor at Ilkley was named after him. Sicklinghall later passed to the equally powerful Vavasours of Hazelwood Castle, near Tadcaster, who also had property at Weston, Otley, where other members of the Pullan family lived.
Not far from Addlethorpe Grange lies Kearby, another ancient settlement predating the Doomsday Book and having links with the Norse invaders. Kearby's link to the Pullan family relates to a supposed witch, Jenny Pullan, who lived in the neighbourhood at the turn of the eighteenth century. It was said that she was rarely seen in daylight and that lights burned in her cottage late into the night. The locals believed that she used to cross the Wharfe in a sieve. In 1845, buried deep in the garden of a cottage in Kearby a curious yellow stone bottle was dug up. It was filled with objects used in witchcraft such as pins and needles, human hair, brimstone and clippings of fingernails. It was immediately assumed that Jenny Pullan was the one who placed it where it was found.
As far as I can tell, we are in no way related to Jenny who, in any case, probably never had children. 
PULLEINE, Anthony (I564)
2 We know from the 1851 Census that he was born in East Garston. There are two candidates. George son on George and Hannah bap. 1785, and George son of William and Elizabeth, bap. 1784. The former is marginally nearer the date of birth implied by his reported age in 1851 of 63 (c 66 vs. c 67), so I have preferred that one.
I have been unable to locate a marriage to a woman called Rachel. In fact, I have found only one marriage in Berkshire in the relevant time span of a man call George Wise, and that was in 1801 to an Elizabeth, at Bray. 
WISE, George (I1148)
3 08 Dec 1588 Thomazina Collinge filia Johis Collinge et Margaretae vx'is. COLLING, Thomasina (I1329)
4 There was a William 1781 to 1846, wife maybe Mary (1795-1864) who could have been parents of William. KING, William (I817)
5 "Gary Owen"!! OWEN, Gary William (I537)
6 "Old Ashfield", Bradford, daughter of Thomas and Jane, her father a gardener BALL, Annie (I311)
7 "Son and Husband" HARDAKER, Samuel (I755)
8 (11933 C/11) FRENCH, Agnes (I84)
9 (abbreviated transcript) Mary daughter of Joseph Hardaker of York Road Leeds and Mary his wife who was the daughter of ?Thackaus? and Sarah Smith. HARDAKER, Mary (I3210)
10 (abode) Greygrete [near Darrowgill we think]; Thomas son of Thomas Hardacre. HARDAKER, Thomas (I3516)
11 (abode) Westerdale, Thomas son of Thomas Hardacre. See also note below. HARDAKER, Thomas (I3527)
12 (buried) at or near Lothersdale, Henry son of William Hardaker and Elizabeth his wife of Upper Kirkhill in Lothersdale. William a Husbandman. Henry aged about two days. Witness was Joseph Brown. The name of the Grave Maker was William Hardaker, perhaps Henry's father. HARDAKER, Henry (I3003)
13 (Dubious) Age recorded as 62, implies born ~ 1770 HARDAKER, Timothy (I274)
14 (Dubious) Age recorded as 62, implies born ~ 1770 HARDAKER, Timothy (I373)
15 (entry hard to read) Peggy Dr of Thomas Hardaker of Gt Hor(ton) HARDAKER, Peggy (I923)
16 (FMP) Mother's maiden name: Nicholes HARDAKER, Mary Ellen (I2949)
17 (FMP) Mother's maiden name: Nichols HARDAKER, Harriet (I2947)
18 (FMP) Mother's maiden name: Nichols HARDAKER, Sarah Ellen (I2948)
19 (FMP) Mother's maiden name: Nichols HARDAKER, Annie Elizabeth (I2950)
20 (Registered) Ann Hardaker daughter of Joseph & Ann Hardaker. Born (...) in the township of Headingley. HARDAKER, Ann (I1050)
21 (Registered) Sarah Hardaker daughter of Joseph & Ann Hardaker born (...) Headingley. HARDAKER, Sarah (I1053)
22 04 Sep 1586 Richardus filius Johes Collinge et Margaretae vx'is. COLLING, Richard (I1328)
23 05 Mar 1726 Jno Scott of the Parish of Keighley, weaver, & Margaret Cowling of this Parish, Spinstr, were married by Banns by me Jno Topham, Vicar, Certified by ye Revd Mr Stackhouse, Cur: d' Kighley. COWLING, Margaret (I1835)
24 1 of 4 unnamed children BROWN, Unnamed (I1905)
25 10 years after Samuel's untimely death, Jane remarried on 7 Apr 1894 to Henry Bonson, a widowed book binder journeyman, at Bradford St Peter. Family: Samuel HARDAKER / Jane Elizabeth CROFT (F628)
26 106 Bradford Road, Shipley, Yorks. OWEN, William (I536)
27 12 Back Lane. HARDAKER, Florence Maud (I2842)
28 14 years, cloth weaver, born Idle. LEE, John (I717)
29 1681 or 1684 HARDACRE, Henry (I4054)
30 17 Dec 1695, Petrus Cowlinge infra pochia de Kildwicke et Anna Netherwood infra pochia de Kighley. Family: Peter COWLING / Anna NETHERWOOD (F370)
31 1710/11. Family: Francis STEEL / Susannah RAY (F260)
32 1722 Court Roll Framlingham 3 Oct: On 11 June 1722 James Stud & W Bridget transferred a house and plot (58' x 48') to Benjamin Keer, linen-weaver: It paid 7 1/2d annual rent. 1723 Roll 16 Feb: Benjamin Keer surrendered preceding to the uses of his will. Shop rents in market place Framlingham 1724-31, Benjamin Keer 1 pound 5s (all from John Richardson, Woodbridge, Suffolk). Brian Jones is sure about only the last child, John, but notes that it is likely that he had at least two other children. KEER, Benjamin (I904)
33 1723/4. Family: Robert HARDAKER / Hanna ELSWORTH (F63)
34 18 Oct 1761 Hugh Flesher of Silsden Moor Skinner. FLESHER, Hugh (I1867)
35 1861 Census for Horton, Bradford (ECH) Source (S515)
36 1888? GRIMSHAW, William (I3286)
37 1914 Star issued to Legal Rep. of Father 14/7/24, V.B. issued to Legal Rep. of Father. HARDAKER, Alfred (I3785)
38 1st quarter. Family: James PITTS / Sarah STANSFIELD (F254)
39 2 Feb 1581 Edvardus filius Johis Collinge et Margaretae vxoris eius. COWLING, Edward (I1731)
40 2 of 4 unnamed children BROWN, Unnamed (I415)
41 21 Jul 1717 Samuel Stephenson of ye pish of Leeds cloth dressr & Mercy Marshal of ye pish of Otley spr. STEPHENSON, Samuel (I1869)
42 24 and single, a grocers assistant, born Bradford. Family: Frederick BALL / Emma DAVIES (F102)
43 25 Aug 1726 Tim: Overend of the Parish of Otley, Clothier, & Eliz: Cowling of Silsden, Spinster, were married by Banns by me Jno Topham, Vicar, Certified by ye Revd Mr Humphrey, Vicar of Otley. COWLING, Elizabeth (I924)
44 26 Aug 1926. Tim: Overend of the Parish of Otley, Clothier, & Eliz: Cowling of Silsden, Spinster, were married by Banns by me Jno Topham, Vicar. Certified my Revd Mr Humphrey, Vicar of Otley. Family: Timothy OVEREND / Elizabeth COWLING (F279)
45 26 Jul 1584 Agneta Collinge filia Johis Collinge et Margaretae vx'is eius. Incipit Annus Domini millesimus Sexcentesimus Nonus: 05 Jun 1615 24 Jun 1615 Johes Glover et Agnes Colling [?]. Some children listed at Wharfegen website. COLLING, Agnes (I1327)
46 27 Nov 1575 Katherina Collinge filia Johis Collinge et Margarete vxris eius.
20 Sep 1599 Richardus Parkinson & Katherena Collinge. Some children listed at Wharfegen website. 
COWLING, Catherine (I1728)
47 27 Oct 1577 Anna Collinge filia Johis Collinge et Margaretae vx'is. COWLING, Anne (I1730)
48 28 Feb 1700 in the modern calendar. HARDAKER, William (I58)
49 3 October 1863. Letters of Administration of the personal estate and effects of John Hardaker late of Halifax time-keeper and book-keeper deceased who died 26 August 1855 at Halifax left unadministered by Alice Hardaker widow the relict of the deceased were granted at the Principal Registry under the usual limitations to Richard Hardaker of Shipley in the parish of Bradford wool and waste dealer the uncle and guardian of Roger Hardaker a minor one of the children of the said deceased he Richard Hardaker having been first sworn, a farmer. Effects under three hundred pounds.

[It is not totally clear what happened but it seems that the widow Alice should have applied for the Admon but didn't so Richard, presumably a brother of the deceased took action in order to be able to look after Roger, a son of the deceased.]
HARDAKER, John (I801)
50 3 of 4 unnamed children. BROWN, Unnamed (I416)

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