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151 Abra. Coates & Mary Hardaker of Eccleshill. Family (F1212)
152 Abraham aged 25, a bachelor, occupation "manufacturer", from Baildon, father's name John a Shopkeeper. Elizabeth aged 22, a spinster, from Gilstead, father's name Isaac a farmer. Family (F201)
153 Abraham Deneson and Susanna Hardaker both of Horsforth. Abraham signed ("Abraham Denison"), Susannah made her mark. Witnesses were John Hardaker (Susannah's brother) and Henry Ive. Family (F269)
154 Abraham Hardacre, (abode) Carleton, (age) 6 weeks. HARDAKER, Abraham (I3577)
155 Abraham Hardaker and Ann Redford both of Horsforth. Witnesses were Abraham Denison and John Hardaker. Family (F37)
156 Abraham Hardaker and Mary Kitching both of Guiseley. Witnesses were William Kitchin and Seth Hardaker (most likely Abraham's brother). Family (F445)
157 Abraham Hardaker of 21 Moorside Baildon Yorkshire, died 2 June 1917 at Menston Yorkshire. Administration Wakefield 19 July to Hannah Hardaker widow. Effect £155. HARDAKER, Abraham (I545)
158 Abraham Hardaker, (abode) Guiseley, (aged) 15 yrs. HARDAKER, Abraham (I3275)
159 Abraham Hardaker, 45, Widower, a Warehouseman, residing 1 Tukerman St Cutler Heights Tong, father Joseph Hardaker (deceased) a Plasterer. Amy Rodley, 34, Spinster, residing 1 Tukerman St Cutler Heights Tong, father Fredrick Rodley an Overlooker. Abraham & Amy both signed. Witnesses were John Southwell and Emily Slater.

It is very possible, even probable, that this marriage was bigamous. Abraham claimed to be a widow, but the available evidence suggests that his first wife, Mary Ann née Bell, was alive and well at the time of the marriage. In 1911 she was living with William Boulton at Conisboro, Yorkshire. She recorded her name has Mary Ann Boulton, wife of William, but no record of a marriage between the pair has been found. We have not yet been able to find a conclusive record of Mary Ann's death, but the candidate records that do exist are all well after 1916 when Abraham and Amy were married. Divorce was extremely uncommon prior to 1923 (The Matrimonial Causes Act), so our conclusion is that Abraham and Mary Ann were still legally married in 1916 when Abraham married Amy Rodley. 
Family (F1243)
160 Abraham Hardaker, parents John & Ann, residing Swinsty, John a Labourer. HARDAKER, Abraham (I3275)
161 Abraham Hardaker, widower, can be found in the 1795 Census of Horsforth heading a household of four people. HARDAKER, Abraham (I165)
162 Abraham son of John Hardaker of Guiseley by Judith his wife HARDAKER, Abraham (I295)
163 Abraham son of Joseph & Betty Hardacre, (abode) Carleton, Joseph a Husbandman. HARDAKER, Abraham (I3577)
164 Abraham son of William & Mary Hardaker, died March 6 of Whooping Cough, (abode) Crowther Street Salforth, (age) 11 months. HARDAKER, Abraham (I3410)
165 Abraham son of William Hardaker HARDAKER, Abraham (I165)
166 Abraham, 20, born Bradford, a Labourer, with wife Mary Ann (25) and son Rufus (6 months). HARDAKER, Abraham (I3268)
167 Abraham, Abraham Hardaker HARDAKER, Abraham (I2288)
168 Abraham, aged 30, born Bradford, a Plasterer's Labourer. Living with Clara Humphreys (widow) and three of her children. HARDAKER, Abraham (I3268)
169 Abraham, aged 40, born Bradford, a Plasterer, claiming to be single, living as a border at the home of Fredrick Rodley (wife Hannah and adult children Amy and Fred). Abraham later marries Amy Rodley at Tong St James in 1916. HARDAKER, Abraham (I3268)
170 Accidental fall down shaft. HARDAKER, John (I1350)
171 Accoding to Stephen Carr they had six children. HARDAKER, Rose Ann (I1635)
172 According the the Light-Wells-Bywater-Hardaker tree on she married James Hardaker from Ecclehill. I have found no evidece to support that notion. HARDAKER, Elizabeth (I1702)
173 According to Brian Clayton, 'it would appear that the Briggs family were prosperous farmers at Low Yeadon, and later involved in the textile trade.' According to Pam Ray, between 1710 and 1716 he was a yeoman clothier living at Lower (Nether) Yeadon. She estimates that he was born around 1684 and suggests he died and was buried in Feb 1733. BRIGGS, Nathaniel (I187)
174 According to Brian Clayton, she had an illegitimate child Richard HOGG, baptised Rawdon February 25th 1759. The father of this illegitimate child is thought to have been Abraham HAIGH ( Alias HEY, later alias HOGG ). Abraham married the young Grace HOGG at Guiseley June 30th 1760. HOGG, Grace (I583)
175 According to Cudworth (p 470), a number of early Presbyterians of Calverley and Farlsey area joined the Baptist Church at Bradford, under the pastorate of Mr Crabtree. In 1777, with Crabtree's consent, Rehoboth Chapel, Bagley, was built. Most of the trustees were clothiers. After 1800 there was much dissention and the more active members withdrew and joined the Baptist Church at Bramley.

I think that the Crabtree mentioned above must have been the William Crabtree referred to on pp. 14,16,18 by Sellers. However, I can see no immediate link to Mary.

In his "Histories of Manningham, Heaton and Allerton" Cudworth writes:

p.47. In Bradford the old "Top o' t'Town Chapel" in Westgate, dating from the year 1753, owed its origin to the cottage meetings held in the house of a Manningham woman, Mrs. Elizabeth Frankland, and this led to the formation of a Baptist community at Westgate under the Rev. Wm. Crabtree, who had been converted under the teaching of Whitfield, accentuated by the persuasive eloquence of Whitfield's friend, the Rev. Wm. Grimshaw, of Haworth. The outcome of this was an arrangement for holding united meetings once a quarter in Mrs.Frankland's house at Manningham, but the central gathering was at Bradford, where a church was formed. Prior to this, however, a small Baptist community was formed at Heaton, which is, therefore, the senior of any others in the district, although dwarfed in importance by the overgrowing influence of Bradford and Manningham.

p 189, Overseers Accounts, Heaton:

A few items may be culled from the accounts of William Crabtree, overseer for the years 1783-4. He was probably the William Crabtree of Low Moor Farm (now called Parkside), and who built the house, which is dated 1796. He had two sons, Abraham and Samuel, also three daughters, viz. : Mary Garnett, of Idle ; Martha Firth, of Heaton Syke ; and Elizabeth Clark, of Heaton. For a long time William Crabtree was employed in connection with the Leeds and Liverpool Canal at the Bradford end.

This seems to suggest that I have the wrong parents for Mary wife of John Garnett of Idle. 
CRABTREE, Mary (I1001)
176 According to his father's will, he also had two illegitimate children: 'John Glover Moorhouse' and 'Elizabeth the now wife of Joseph Burnley of Manningham'. Conceivably, Joseph Burley may have been the father of Sarah Burnley who married Richard Hardaker of Eccleshill. Sarah died in giving birth to their son Joseph Burley Hardaker, who emigrated to America where he married Frances Glover, daughter of James Glover, whom I believe was Samuel's brother.
I think his Admon is at the Borthwick Vol 160, June 1816: Samuel Glover of Idle, parish of Calverley A 200 pounds. 
GLOVER, Samuel (I2015)
177 According to Iris Hughes, Fred and Alf were twin brothers. The Census information indicates that they were not. Iris said that both of them died young of meningitis. Fred was buried in Shaw cemetery, Newbury (Iris Hughes). POTTINGER, Frederick (I1191)
178 According to Iris Hughes, he died at the age of 3 of spinal meningitis, KEER, Frederick Gordon (I138)
179 According to J Horsfall Turner, he was said to have been a marine surgeon in the navy. He was supposed to have married Mary Brown on a run-away wedding at Gretna Green, when she was a minor, and they were again legally married about 1811. VINCENT, Thomas (I826)
180 According to Julie Hardaker Moss, George was appointed to the Maharajah of Mysore, Sree Krishnaraja Wadeyar Bahadur, as a watchmaker and mechanic in 1860. In 1868 he built the ornate Gurrie Clock which is still in excellent working order in the Jagan Mohan Palace, Mysore. For his descendants, see JHM. HARDAKER, Richard George (I613)
181 According to Julie Hardaker Moss, p. 3, Prvate George Hardaker enlisted at Cumagh Camp for the 60th Regiment of the Royal Rifles, on 26 January 1856 at the age of 19. After serving in the East Indies he was discharged in 1859. HARDAKER, George Oates (I605)
182 According to Mark Hammond's tree on, he was the son of Edward Schacht (1871- ) and Jessie Rozee (1870-1937). SCHACHT, Edward William (I2255)
183 According to Mark Hammond, he married Eileen Violet Bodycomb (1923-2007). No children were recorded. SCHACHT, Albert James (I2256)
184 According to Mark Hammond, she married Ronald Leslie Wheale at Portsmouth, England in July 1939. They had at least two children. She married again in 1948 to an unnamed husband. SCHACHT, Jessie Georgina (I2257)
185 According to Stephen Carr, she died between 1827 and 1837. MYERS, Hannah (I1223)
186 According to Stephen Carr, there were 4 Alice Marshalls baptised at Guiseley between 1610 and 1623:
- 16/9/1610: daughter of Robert
- 23/1/1614: daughter of Michael
- 19/3/1616: daughter of John
- 5/1/1617: daughter of Thomas

None of these records tells us where they lived or the name of the mother. There was a burial of an Alice on 13/10/1610 which may the first Alice, daughter of Robert, but the record does not state that this was an infant.

Using later burial information it is possible to guess where these people lived. Robert died in 1632 and his burial record tells us that he was from Yeadon. Michael died in 1640 and his burial record cites Rawdon. John was probably buried in 1624 and lived in Rawdon, and Thomas was buried in 1638 and lived in Nether Yeadon.

I suspect that the most likely candidates are the 2 Rawdon families of Michael and John, and of the two I prefer John because she uses the name John for her first son with Roger Hardaker. This, however, is pure conjecture and even then is not terribly helpful because I think that there 2 John Marshalls baptising in Guiseley in the period, albeit that one probably lived at Yeadon and one at Rawdon. (There were actually 3 John Marshalls married between 1608 and 1616). 
MARSHALL, Alice (I9)
187 According to the Calendars of Probate, Mark of Southport, Lancashire, a retired Congregational Minister died 6 September 1893. Probate was granted at Liverpool to Ann Hardaker, his widow and Ann Hardaker, spinster, presumably his daughter. The value of his effects was reported to be 1251 pounds, 17 shillings and one penny. HARDAKER, Mark (I744)
188 According to the certificate, she was the daughter of Frederick Ball and Emma Ball formerly Davies, father and assistant grocer, registered at North Bierley on 8 October 1891.
Another certificate was issued for her on 26th August 1904 that gives somewhat different and incorrect information. Her mother was recorded as Polly and the place of birth Calverley Lane, Rodley.

I suspect that this certificate was issued to show that she was of age to go to school. 
BALL, Elsie Mary (I330)
189 According to the Wilson-Parkes tree on, there was also a son Harold born 30 May 1916, died 19 Dec 2003. It was stated that he married Winifred Whaley, born 7 July 1914 in North Bierley, Yorkshire, died in March 1986 in Bradford, Yorkshire, England. I have not been able to confirm these details. Family (F521)
190 According to the York Herald newspaper on 26 Feb 1842, he was charged with having, on the 20th Janualy 1811, at Wakefield, unlawfully married Eliza Morton, Sarah Hardaker, his former wife being then alive. That report seems inconstent with the marriage to Sarah recorded here. SMITH, Robert (I1345)
191 Ada's younger brother Charles (#655) married Harriet Rose Dent (#656) who was the first cousin of her husband Mephibosheth. This means that the children of Charles/Harriet and Mephibosheth/Ada were first and second cousins by virtue of the fact that they share one pair of grandparents (William Hardaker and Ann née Myers) and one pair of great-grandparents (William Dent and Susan née Crabb). Family (F720)
192 Address: 1 Rooke's Fold, East St, Leeds. Recorded as a Mechanic HARDAKER, Benjamin (I1818)
193 Administration to Edmund Cort Hardaker. COULTAS, Emma (I3846)
194 Admiral Sir Anthony. Two sons, one daughter. He had a sister Diana who married Alastair McLeod Morrison (Major). GRIFFITH-GRIFFIN, Anthony Frederick Templar (I1938)
195 Admitted to Menston lunacy hospital 15 May 1909 and died nine days later on 24th May. HARDAKER, Emily (I2866)
196 Admon granted to Joseph Hardaker (husband) of York Road, Shoemaker. HUDSON, Harriet (I3098)
197 Adopted by her aunt and uncle Eliza Maria [sic] nee Keer and Thomas Quested after the early deaths of her mother. Moved to Canada. From Thomas's WW1 military record, we find that he and Eliza had two children of their own, Winifred Mary b. 26 Oct 1910 at Mile End, and Thomas, b. 14 August 1916. Elsie was recorded on the record as Elsie Louise Carter Quested (adopted).

Thomas and Eliza had married at Stepney Parish Church on 17 July 1909. On 30 August 1918 it appears that he joined the Royal Engineers. He was 39, a marine engine driver who had previously served for 12 years in the Navy. Of course, the war was over not long after he enrolled.  
CARTER, Elsie Louise (I248)
198 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I666)
199 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I665)
200 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I493)

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